Monday 13th June, Clock Warehouse, 7:30pm start. All, this month’s group night talk will be provided by Graham Bennett, the Derbyshire ROSPA examiner himself!  Graham will be providing a summary of his experienced and expectations as the examiner for those undergoing the advanced test. It’s a good chance for all […]

An Evening with the Examiner

All, wondering who is up for a trip out to see BSB at Cadwell Park, August Bank Holiday Monday?We will meet up somewhere convenient, then run over to Cadwell for the racing. Once there, its your day out, should you wish to wander off to your favorite spot or come […]

Run to BSB Cadwell Park – 29th August 2022

The RoSPA – Derbyshire Riders Group weekend away will be led by Andy Vest, with routes to Eskdale in Cumbria and Moffat in Scotland between 12th – 14th August 2022. Accommodation must be booked by individuals (or small groups of members) and completed well in advance, as both venues are extremely popular. […]

RoSPA Official Weekend Away – 12-14 August 2022