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In the Training Guides and training Materials section we have tried to compile materials the training team and membership have prepared to either help them or other understand essential Advanced Riding Skills, Roadcraft and Highway code.

  • Please make use of the materials included if they help
  • Feedback any observations or corrections to the Training team
  • Send us materials of your own that you think may be of use to others.
    • Any suggestions you may have; send to media.

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Training Materials and Presentations

Useful Training Videos

2nd Man Drop-off
The explanation is okay but it makes certain aspects mandatory “i.e always mark at the exit of a roundabout, when this isn’t always the best/safest option. The video, ignoring the folk music background, is based on a simple scenario and doesn’t in my mind properly explain the system. Most good training will show good and “bad” examples and explain why.
This a better “classroom” explanation but it does not provide guidance (i.e visual examples) of where to mark the turning and how to indicate to the group which way to go (i.e using hand signals as opposed to use indicators which may confuse other non-group road users.
Even though this is a cartoon based video it is actually quite informative and provides a good overview of the system it still lacks the visual examples of good and bad marking.
This is poor video as it does not properly show the nuances within the system (i.e where to stop, how to indicate, etc) are not explained and the time between examples of the system being used are too far apart.
This one is slightly better than the previous, again if you ignore the background music, but like the others it is hampered by showing the marking from a single viewpoint/camera to better explain it.
My view is that the third video supplemented with video examples of good/”bad” practice would be the best way to go. I am sure between us we know junctions/turnings where there is a right option where to mark (e.g approaching a roundabout on a single carriageway where the desired exit is on to a dual carriage we would generally expect the 2nd man to mark prior to the roundabout, where 2nd man travels too far down a right turn to be seen by the rider behind in good time considering the speed being travelled prior to the turn) and why (always noting that the right option for the same turning may not always be the same; ie it depends. We could even further supplement with a short classroom introduction (perhaps done by the leaders of the training group)
This is informative but is quite long. It has a mix a video, us of diagrams and explanation. It also gave examples of certain topics (e.g the oncoming vehicle that was momentarily hidden by a bend in the road) and gave good narrative of the system and the thought process as regards (i.e “why can’t I”). That said using intercom and proper narrating during a training ride a tutor could achieve something similar whilst demonstrating the techniques.
Similar to the overtaking video above; informative but long.
This is the RoSPA official video but I feel it is somewhat lacking
Somewhat informative with the narrative but a bit boring
Having “discovered” the overtaking and cornering videos above I noted that they both relate to this youtube channel Motorcycle PWR – YouTube which has a wide selection of topics although it seemingly has yet covered 2nd man drop-off.