Training Materials

The following documents are a collection of ROSPA, Group and industry documents that you may find of assistance in your training or you understanding of the club, together with training presentations and training documents generate from within the club . They are free to download. Should you have any observation of suggestions for inclusion then please contact media with your suggestions.

ROSPA policy Documents for Trainers

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders Advanced Tutor Training Guide: Motorcycles Version: 1 Date: March, 2017

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders Group Tutors Training Guide: Motorcycle Version: 1 Date: March, 2017

RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders Advanced Motorcycle Test Guidelines Version: 1 Date: 18 April 2016

Group Produced Documents

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Derbyshire Riders Group Operational Roles Version:1.0 Date:2 January 2022

Derbyshire Riders – Group Riding Guidance  Version: 2.0  Date: 4 May 2022

Derbyshire ROSPA Training Policy and Manual Version 1 Oct 2022

Group Produced Training Materials

Coaching Workshop Slide Pack.

Check list for Undertaking the First Meeting with an Associate.

Highway Code and Roadcraft Quiz – Question and Answers

Highway Code and Roadcraft Quiz – Question Only

Tutor training – Briefing Document – First Contact

Tutor training – Briefing Document – Initial Assessment

Tutor training – Briefing Document – Feedback

Tutor training – Briefing Document – Grading the Associate

Tutor training – Briefing Document – Training Plan

Tutor training – Briefing Document – Test ready

Tutor training – Lesson Plan 1 – Bends

Tutor training – Lesson Plan 2 – Motorways

Tutor training – Lesson Plan 3 – Urban

Tutor training – Lesson Plan 4 – Filtering

Tutor training – Lesson Plan 5 – Overtaking

Useful Videos Illustrating Advanced Riding Techniques

Find below some links to “training/awareness” material

2nd Man Drop-off

Second Man Drop Off/ Bike Marker – Bing video

Even though this is a cartoon based video it is actually quite informative and provides a good overview of the system it still lacks the visual examples of good and bad marking.


Motorcycle Overtaking Skills – Module 2 Test Training / Advanced Training – Bing video

This is informative but is quite long. It has a mix a video, us of diagrams and explanation. It also gave examples of certain topics (e.g the oncoming vehicle that was momentarily hidden by a bend in the road) and gave good narrative of the system and the thought process as regards (i.e “why can’t I”). That said using intercom and proper narrating during a training ride a tutor could achieve something similar whilst demonstrating the techniques.


Bends and Cornering – CBT / Module 2 Test Training / Advanced Training – YouTube

Similar to the overtaking video above; informative but long.

Motorcycling cornering – Bing video

This is the RoSPA official video


Somewhat informative with the narrative